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Get up-to-the-minute information on the account summary page. You can view current balances and available balances. You can also view payments due, MasterCard® Credit card account information and recent account transaction history.


This option allows you to transfer funds between your suffixes. The completion of a transfer is subject to the availability of sufficient funds in the account you are transferring from. If you do not have sufficient funds, the transaction will not be completed. If you have a cross-account transfer set up, you may also transfer funds to another member number.

To transfer funds:

1.      Click on Accounts.

2.      Click on Transfer.

3.      Select the account you would like to transfer from and the account you would like to transfer to (only eligible  accounts will appear). If you are transferring funds to a different member number, their eligible accounts will be displayed next to their member number.

4.      Enter the amount you’d like to transfer in the field provided. Do not include dollar signs or commas.

5.      Optional: You may add a description to this transfer to help you recognize it.

6.      Click on Transfer.



To help manage your finances, Online Banking offers the ability to download your account information. Easily export account information directly into your personal financial management software or export to a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file.

To export your transaction history:

1.      Click on Accounts.

2.      Click on Export.

3.      Select the account you’d like to export history for.

4.      Click Select Account.

5.      Select the date range.

6.      Select an export format.

7.      Click on Export.


At the touch of your fingertips and in a secure environment, you have access to your monthly account statements online. By choosing to view your statement online, you help us save paper, postage and other natural resources. To sign-up for E-Statements, simply logon to Online Banking, click on “Accounts”, then “Statements.” You will be asked to read the disclosure and consent to accept statements electronically instead of by way of US mail.

To sign up for E-Statements:

1.      Click on Accounts

2.      Click on Statements.

3.      Click Sign Up for E-Statements.

4.      Enter your current e-mail address in the field provided.

5.      Click “I Consent”.

To view your E-Statements:

1.      Click on Accounts

2.      Click on E-Statement.

3.      Click on Monthly STMNT

4.      Click the E-Statement month you wish to view.


Scheduled Transfers

You can schedule a transfer to occur at a certain date and time in the future. You can set up the transfer to happen once, or on a reoccurring basis. To view or modify the scheduled transfers that you have set up for your account, click on Scheduled Transfers.

To Add a new scheduled transfer:

1.      Click on Accounts.

2.      Click on Scheduled Transfers.

3.      Complete the required fields.

4.      Click “Schedule Transfer.”



Dashboard allows you to view balances, transfers, messages, set up transfers, and more, all from one screen!

Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay
Tired of the hassle of writing checks to pay for recurring monthly bills? Looking for an easier and secure way to make payments? Then use Bill Pay, a convenient way to pay your bills through Online Banking. With Bill Pay, you can pay almost anyone using a computer or mobile device. You can schedule single payments as well as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments from a list of established vendors, or add your own. You can even send funds to an individual. And, it’s as easy as ever to pay your bills while you are out of town or on vacation because all you need is internet access to login. So, set up your bills to be paid online today. You’ll appreciate the convenience and security in knowing your payments are made for you on time and without the hassle of checks, stamps or mailboxes.

Online Services

Check Withdrawal

This form allows you to request a check addressed to the primary owner of the account, sent to the address we have on file. The maximum amount you can request to have withdrawn is $6,000 per day. Please be sure to verify your address by going to “User Options” and click on “Change Address.”

To request a check withdrawal:

1.      Click on Online Services.

2.      Click on Check Withdrawal.

3.      Select the account you would like to have the check withdrawn from in the drop-down menu. Only eligible accounts will be displayed.

4.      Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

5.      Click on Submit to request the check.


Check Copy

You many request a copy of a paid check that does not appear on your E-Statement. Your check will be mailed within 10 business days to the address on the account. Please be sure to verify your address by going to “User Options” and clicking on “Change Address."  Your account will be charged for any applicable fees. Please refer to our Fee Schedule.

To request a copy of a paid check:

1.      Click on Online Services.

2.      Click on Check Copy.

3.      Enter the check number.

4.      Enter the amount the check was written for. Do not include dollar signs or commas.

5.      Enter the date the check cleared (month/day/year).

6.      Click on Submit to request a copy of the check.

Check Reorder

You may place an order for a new check supply online so long as there are no changes to the address or check style that you’ve previously ordered through the credit union. If you proceed to order checks through this service, the checks will be printed with the same address as your last order. If any personal information has changed please contact the credit union directly at 303-234-1700, or message us through the Contact Us link within online banking.

To order a new check supply:

1.      Click on Online Services.

2.      Click on Check Reorder and follow the onscreen instructions.


Sign-up for important alerts delivered directly to your mobile phone or e-mail. This free service lets you set up your own personalized alerts.

Card Alerts
This feature allows you to set up customized alerts for your debit, credit and HELOC cards. Register by clicking on Card Alerts.

Debit Card Advantage Opt In/ Out

This service allows you to continue to use your debit card either at a merchant or through an ATM even if you do not have funds available in your account.

If you qualify* for Debit Card Advantage, you must opt-in for this service. Any owner on the account may also opt-out at any time. If you opt-in for this service, Credit Union of Denver may authorize and pay everyday debit card transactions and allow debit card ATM withdrawals up to $500 more than the available account balance. This total includes fees. You will be charged a $30 fee for each transaction of $5 or more posting to your account. No fee will be charged for transactions of less than $5. There is no limit on the total fees that can be charged for overdrawing your account. Negative account balances must be brought positive within 30 days. Without this service, you will be unable to utilize your debit card when there are no funds available in your account.

*To qualify for Debit Card Advantage, the primary member must be at least 18 years of age, the checking account must have been opened for over 90 days. The account must not have a loan over 15 days past due, your account must be in good standing and you must not have caused a loss to the credit union. The combined benefit of Overdraft Privilege and Debit Card Advantage is $500. If you opt-out for Overdraft Privilege, you will not be able to opt-in for Debit Card Advantage. Business Accounts, Estate Accounts, Living Trust Accounts and Representative Payee Accounts do not qualify. The services do not apply to Teller transactions or transactions initiated through C•U•D’s Bill Pay Services. We may pay or authorize items at our discretion which means that we do not guarantee that we will always pay and authorize any type of transaction.


MoneyDesktop allows you to view and analyze all of your accounts from one convenient location. View account balance information from credit unions and banks. You can also keep an eye on bills and utilities, assess net worth, review your budget and see how you spend your money and determine the best way to pay down your loans and credit cards.

User Options

Change Address

This tab allows you to update your address and phone number(s) on file. If you have multiple accounts with us, you will need to update your contact information with each account separately. Please note: Foreign addresses and phone numbers cannot be updated online, please mail your request to change your address to: Credit Union of Denver, PO BOX 261420, Lakewood, CO 80226-9858.

To update your address and/or phone number:

1.      Click on User Options.

2.      Click on Change Address.

3.      Enter your updated address and phone number(s) in the appropriate fields provided. Please do not use any symbols or special characters.

4.      Click Submit and you will receive a confirmation that your information has been updated.


Change Password

This tab allows you to change your home banking password. Passwords must be 8-25 characters in length and use a combination of numbers and letters. Passwords must not contain your social security number, your account number, user ID or be one of your three previous passwords. Remember, passwords are case-sensitive!

To change your password:

1.      Click on User Options.

2.      Click on Change Password.

3.      Enter your current password in the “Old Password” field.

4.      Enter a new password in the “New Password” field.

5.      Re-enter the new password in the “Re-enter password” field.

6.      Click Submit and you will receive a confirmation that your password has been updated.

You may change your home banking password at any time. For security purposes, it is recommended you change your password every six months. If you have forgotten your password, you may use the Forgot Password link on the login page to reset it or contact the credit union for further assistance.

Change User ID

This tab allows you to change your username. Simply type in your new username and click Change Username.


Changer User Devices

This tab allows you to control which devices can access your account through the app. To add a device, download our app on the device, and enter your username and password. The app will ask for a security code. The security code will be sent to the email on file. If a device is deleted, it will be prompted to enter a security code next time they try logging in to your account.


Change E-mail Address

This tab allows you to view/update your e-mail address.

To change your e-mail address:

1.      Click on User Options.

2.      Click on Change E-mail Address.

3.      Enter your updated e-mail address in the field provided.

4.      Click Verify/Change Email Address and you will receive a confirmation that your e-mail address has been updated.


Change History Date Range

The Change History Date Range allows you to select what account history dates you would like to have displayed. By default, only the current month’s history is displayed.

To change your history date range:

1.      Click on User Options.

2.      Click on History Date Range.

3.      Select a date range by selecting one of the date range descriptions.

4.      Click on Change Date Range to save your changes.


Change Your Timeout

The Change Your Timeout feature allows you to set the number of minutes of inactivity in your online banking session before the system automatically logs you out.

To change your timeout:

1.      Click on User Options.

2.      Click on Change Your Timeout.

3.      Select the number of minutes from the drop-down menu.

4.      Click on Change Timeout to save your changes.


Create Account Nickname
Personalize the account names that are displayed in home banking for easier recognition.

To create or update an account nickname:

1.      Click on User Options.

2.      Click on Create Account Nickname.

3.      Modify your account nickname in the field provided to the right of the account name.

4.      Click on Submit to save your changes.

5.      To restore the system default name, delete the nickname from the provided field and click on Submit to save your changes.


Change User Security Key

Choose a word that displays on login for your user security key. This will help you know that the website is valid.

To create or update a security key:

1.      Click on User Options.

2.      Click on Change User Security Key

3.      Modify your key

4.      Click on Submit to save your changes


Change Mobile Preferences
Control whether you allow the mobile app access to your Bill Pay.


About Security

We have taken all appropriate measures to ensure that our website and online banking product is secure, and that our members’ account information remains private. Our members also play a role in protecting their information. Your online banking User ID and Password should be provided only when your browser shows a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) session is taking place. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology encrypts account information between computers, so that it is virtually impossible to be read by others. We recommend that our members use a current version of browser software so that they may benefit from the most up to date internet security available. After you finish any website session that included viewing or sending private information you should close your browser window.


Security Tips

  • Never reveal your PIN or password. This includes your Call24 PIN or the password that you selected when you signed up for online banking.

  • Use the Logout icon to end a online banking session. This will expire all the cookies that were set in your session.

  • The amount of time you can remain inactive before being automatically logged out of online banking can be set under “User Options.” For your own security, keep this time setting as short as possible.

  • It is recommended that you balance your account at least once a month so that any discrepancies can be reported to us in a timely manner.

System Requirements

Minimum Browser Requirements for Online Banking
Online Banking is designed for the following browsers. Using other browsers may cause the web pages to appear misaligned and prevent access to Online Banking. It is highly recommended that the most current browser version be used to access Online Banking.

·          Chrome

·          Internet Explorer

·          Safari

·          Firefox


Additional Requirements:
Please ensure your browser:

  • is cookie-enabled

  • is JavaScript-enabled

  • supports secured sites

  • is compatible with TLS 1.2

  • has at least a 128-bit encryption

  • for use of Bill Pay, please ensure third-party cookies are enabled

Determining Your Browser Version
On the toolbar at the top of your browser window, click on “Help”. Then, depending on which browser you have, click on one of the following:

  • “About Internet Explorer”

  • “About Mozilla Firefox”

  • “About Safari”

  • “About Chrome”

A screen will appear telling you what browser and version you are using.


When experiencing an error message, try the following steps before contacting us:

1.      Enable Third Party Cookies.

2.      Clear the cache, reload or refresh.

3.      Close the browser.

4.      Retry.

After trying this and you still continue to receive the error message, consult our FAQs or contact us at 303-234-1700.

Error Messages – To show us the exact error message that you are receiving, display the error message on your screen then press Print Screen on your computer’s keyboard. This will transfer the image to your clipboard which can then be pasted into a Word document or other application.


When reporting problems to us, please have as much information ready as possible (e.g. when the problem occurred, browser version, etc.).